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Get the Highest Price

Effective marketing is the key to selling your home quickly and getting the highest price. Comprehensive, innovative and effective marketing of my client's homes by every available medium is how I've become one of Portland's leading real estate agents. It's my job to assure that you get as many qualified offers as possible, allowing you to extract the highest price the market will bear.

One of the most important elements of marketing your home effectively is setting the right price. Set the price too high, and your home won't even get shown. This, of course, will result in no offers. Then, by the time you do finally reduce your price, your home will already have been on the market for some time and have become what is known as a "stale listing". This means that most prospective buyers who tour your home will have an underlying nagging concern that something is wrong with it or why else would it have stayed on the market for this long. This situation could be likened to the questions that would arise in one's mind if they went on a first date with someone who told them they've been ready and trying to get married for many years but inexplicably have not.

Set your price too low and you cheat yourself by not getting your home's full, fair value.  As an expert in the Portland real estate market, I analyze community data and set area home prices every single day.  I'll work closely with you to assure that everything is done to get the highest price possible, in the time frame you need.

The condition and appearance of your home are also critical factors in getting the best price for your home.  I'll personally walk through your home with you and advise you of what you can do to properly stage your home most effectively. Some areas are much more important and more likely to pay off than others! Often, the buyer is motivated by emotional responses as much or more as they are by financial issues. There are usually things I can point out to you that are easy and inexpensive, yet go a long way toward triggering those "buy" emotions.

As your real estate partner, I will do all things necessary on your behalf throughout the entire process to ensure that your best interests are protected.